The Ultimate Automation For Your Note Business!

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This premium software has been built specifically for Note Wholesalers and Brokers; with it you can:

  • Manage incoming calls and leads
  • Stay on top of follow ups and communication history
  • Send out custom contracts with the click of a button
  • Track essential Key Performance Indicators

This sounds great so far, but what do I get with The NoteGenius Software:

  • Full NoteGenius Workspace with Automation
  • Training Package: All the videos and documentation that you need to get the most out of your workspace
  • 1:1 Training with Brian and Troy
  • Digital signing with RightSignature
  • Feed leads directly into NoteGenius from your Smart Note Quote system
  • Apps to send out mass emails and texts, and the option to template the emails
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What's Included With The NoteGenius Software

Incoming Calls App: The incoming calls app pulls in incoming call information on missed calls received via AirCall.

When a call comes in, NoteGenius creates the call in this app and then checks to see if a lead already exists with this phone number. If a lead does exist, NoteGenius will attach the call to the existing lead. If a lead does not exist with this phone number, NoteGenius will create a new lead and then attach the call.

App Feature Overview:

  • Caller Name (when available)
  • Caller Number
  • Tracking Number Called and Corresponding Marketing Campaign
  • Date and Time Called
  • Call Duration (if applicable)
  • Voicemail or Call Recording (when available)
  • Link to call in the call system (AirCall)

Campaigns App: The Campaigns app helps you track the success of your marketing campaigns. When a call comes into the Incoming Calls App, it will attach the call (and the lead if created) to the correct marketing campaign based on the tracking number called. The app will automatically calculate the cost per lead for each of your campaigns and it’s easy to create new campaigns when needed.

Overview of Features:

  • Integrates with Seller Lead and Call App
  • Automatically tracks number of leads per campaign
  • Calculates cost per lead per campaign

Seller Leads App: This is the main app you and your team will be working from. Leads are created automatically in this app via the Incoming Calls app and via Lead Genius.  Leads can also be manually created. When the leads come in, they are automatically attached to the corresponding Marketing Campaign, based on the phone number they called in on. That way you can track the ROI on your campaigns. See Campaigns App for more.

All relevant information about the lead and their note (if available) is saved in this app. From their contact details, motivation level to comps. Most importantly however are the status field, next action field and communication features. These allow you to see exactly where the lead is in your pipeline, what your action is and even email or text the lead directly from NoteGenius.

Overview of Features:

  • Integrates with the incoming calls app to auto-create leads (PRO)
  • Automatically links leads to the correct marketing campaign.
  • Integrates with Google Maps to display the address in a map and to pull in an image of the property via Google Streetview
  • Auto-creates a direct link to the property in Zillow so you can quickly pull comps and other information on the property
  • Mark leads for follow up to have them automatically show up for follow up on the relevant date
  • Quickly create appointments to review the deal directly from the Seller Leads App. See Appointments for more details.
  • Send emails and text messages to the lead from within NoteGenius. When they reply, their reply is added to NoteGenius and they are marked for follow-up
  • Fields to save the lead contact information and note details
  • Essential Reports, such as number of new leads this week per campaign.
  • Integration to MailChimp optional

Appointments App: Appointments are auto-created in this app via the Seller Leads App, but can also be created manually. When an appointment is created, a confirmation email and text is sent to the lead as well as the person on your team. Reminders are sent out a day before and an hour before the appointment to both the lead and your team member. No more forgetting appointments!

Overview of Features: Integrates with the Seller Leads App

  • Automatically pulls in the relevant information from the lead such as their name, phone number and note information when available
  • Displays the address on a map
  • Can integrate with external calendars such a Google calendar. This integration will feed all appointments into the external calendar.
  • Confirmation email and text is sent to the seller with the ability for them to accept, decline or suggest a new time
  • Reminder notifications text to both the seller and your responsible team member

Offer App: The Offer App makes it easy for you to send out custom contracts with the click of a button. It also includes reports for you to see how many offers have been sent out, accepted, and declined for a given time period. NoteGenius coding of simple, one-page contracts. Optionally we can create complex contracts and automation with verification.

  • Integrates with the Seller Leads App
  • Easy to change contract information before creation
  • Creation of the contract is done with a single click of a button
  • Send contract via email or RightSignature
  • When a contract has been signed via RightSignature, NoteGenius will notify you and save the contract on the offer item in NoteGenius.
  • Optional: Choice to send out multiple contract types depending on the offer type (full, partial, etc.)
  • Optional: Send out contracts via Regular Mail

Whiteboard App: This app makes it possible for you to get an overview of all the deals you have under contract and to whom you are currently marketing them. With the click of a button, you can also send out custom assignment contracts. Simply choose a note buyer in your note buyer app, click create and then send. Off it goes! NoteGenius coding of simple, one-page contracts. Optionally we can create complex contracts and automation with verification.

Overview of Features:

  • Track all deals under contract and see their status
  • Integrates with the Note Buyer App
  • Creation of the contract is done with a single click of a button
  • Send contract via email or RightSignature
  • Reports such as number of deals closed within a given time period

Note Buyer App: The Note Buyer’s app is a database of your note buyer contacts. It is possible to integrate to your MailChimp account to make it easy to add contacts to your Note Buyer’s list.

Overview of Features:

  • Keep track of you note buyers and their contact details in this app
  • Assign note buyers to properties in the Whiteboard App
  • Optional: MailChimp integration

Apps for Mass Emailing and Texting: A very powerful feature, we also have apps send mass emails and text campaigns. This can be used both to follow up with seller leads but also to send out deals to your note buyers. The emails can be templated so that you can create a well designed email for specific note with a click-of-a-button. These emails can also be sent out ad hoc to one or just a handful of buyers or sellers.

Templated mass texting is also possible, however the texts are plain text as no images can be sent.

Be aware that there are specific laws for mass emailing and texting, and you are responsible for upholding the law when marketing to your contact list.

Webforms App: This app is built to work with your Smart Note Quote system. When you receive new entries through your Smart Note Quote system website forms, whether they are sellers or buyers, these leads will feed directly into NoteGenius.

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